Artist Serge Hookman
Was born in Perm in 1970.
His first personal show «Advance» was held in 1991 in «Khudozhestvenny» cinema. In the middle of the 1990s Serge Hookman cooperated with PO SHR (Primorsk affiliate of the Russian Artists Union): he was director of the «Artist’s House» gallery attached to the artistic fund, showed his works at collective exhibitions of PO SHR members. Later he founded a group of young artists called «The Torch» (Fakel), which arranged a number of conceptual artistic events. Hookman’s project «V. R.» evoked a wide response in the federal mass-media. Within this project a dozen of personal shows took place; they were devoted to «Russian Vera», a heroic character serving kind of an answer to the superheroes of American comics.
In 2005 Serge Hookman became a nominee of the «Fame», the Russian newspaper Izvestiya award, nomination «Representatives of art and culture in the Perm region».
Serge Hookman is a constant participant of “Art Perm” international show, where in different years he presented his conceptual series «Diaries Of The Sacred Assembling», «Length Of A Corridor», «Life Of Prominent Spies», etc.
Serge Hookman presented his artistic project «V.R.» – «Russian Vera» – in the State Centre of Modern Art (Moscow) within the big all Russian program «9000 km». In 2007 «V.R.» project was also exhibited in the capital of Russia at the «New Angelarius» show, and «Russian Vera», the character created by Serge Hookman, was included into its catalogue, together with Ilya Kabakov’s and Zurab Tsereteli’s works.
In 2007-2008 Serge Hookman initiated and participated in a travelling exhibition of satirical posters «Way of Bribe: Evolution Not According to Darwin».
In 2009 Serge Hookman is a participant of the «Living Perm» festival, where he is presenting his new project «Art ToTable».


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